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Welcome! This website was created on Apr 12 2010 and last updated on Apr 25 2018. The family trees on this site contain 1264 relatives and 394 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.


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About The Wasmouth Family ~
This family website is welcome to genealogists who wish to view the ancestors of our family.  
However, the main purpose of the site is for family members to be able to view and exchange 
information.  Family details and pictures for living relatives are only accessible by family 

It has been a joy to learn about the history of my family, but it is an ongoing process to 
bring these personal experiences together.  To better encourage family members to participate, I 
have divided my fathers' and mothers' families into separate Tribal pages.

This website is dedicated to the ancestors and decendants of the Wasmouth family. If you click on 
the family tree, the first family member that you will see is Johan "Hjalmar" Wasmouth (1853-
1898).  It is only fitting that the family tree begins with him as the spelling of his surname 
survives among many family branches today.  It is also natural to begin with Hjalmar because many 
known LIVING members in this tree can trace their family to his children.

LIVING family members who are decendants of Hjalmar have a host of different family names today:  
Cederlund; Markovits; Bergväll; Dunström; Ohlsson; Lousseief; Hällqvist; Svensson; Broman; Eklund; 
Harrison; Fehling; Svadling; Wågman; Walhgren; Rytenberg; Wernberg; Brännstrom; Campeti; Wassmouth; 
and of course Wasmouth.  There are likely more, and I hope to be able to add them to the family tree 
as family members come forward to exchange information.

Each family member who has access to this website can update and change information pertaining to 
their immediate family (parents; siblings; and children).  This is important because I am the 
first to acknowledge that some information may be missing or inaccurate.  There can be no better 
resource for updating information than immediate family.  I also encourage family to share PHOTOS 
and stories.  Please take the time to view the photo index - pictures are the best way to connect! 
Family photos can be entered into the index or directly into the family tree.  To help facilate 
this, I have created individual Albums in the photo index for each child of Hjalmar Wasmouth.  
Hjalmar had 10 children; and under each of these children are their descendants.  You just need to 
look for your ancestor to find your family group.  There is plenty of space for more uploading of 
pictures - so please feel free to contribute!  If you have found errors outside your immediate 
family, please contact me.  I have also created individual Albums for Early ancestors, and for 
branching families of interest.  This also includes the families of many spouses, and my 
grandmother's family.

** As a reminder, only family members of this site can see pictures of living family members. 
Please do not exchange or share any pictures outside this website without the explicit conscent 
of that family member.



The family name has had a number of spellings over the generations. The prior spelling "Wasmuht" 
was likely the prevalent spelling of Hjalmar's father Johan Teodor "Little John" (1822-1888), 
and his grandfather Johan Gustav "Big John" (1791-1876), his great grandfather Philip (1760-1829), 
and his great great grandfather Emanuel (1731-1797).  However, Hjalmar spelled his last 
name "Wassmouth" in some of the letters that he wrote to his wife Amalia, and there are instances 
where some of Big John's children spelled their name this way. Family documentation and some 
public records have also shown instances where the family name was spelled "Wassmuht"; and the 
archives show a more German spelling "Wassmuth" or "Wasmuth" with respect to Emanuel Wasmuht's 
ancestors.  These variations were likely noted by the family's first major researcher, Ragna 
Quitsau Olhsson (1905-1998).  

It is important to acknowledge Ragna's research and contribution to knowledge of Emanuel's family 
lineage. She lived in Germany during World War II, and was well suited to deciphering German 
archives and documents.  Through her research, Emanuel Wasmuht's ancestors can be traced to Lingen 
on the German/Dutch border. In her later years in Sweden, she published a number of articles about 
the family history; and went on to write a book about her life in Germany and her family 

Ragna, and other dutch genealogists like Richard Rhulshof ( further confirmed 
information about Emanuel Wasmuht's father Philipp Wasmuht (1690-1773), his grandfather Johann 
Wasmuht (1643-1716), and his great grandfather George Wasmuth.  However, Emanuel's great great 
grandfather warrants more research.  

It is not entirely clear, but Ragna may have been the first to make the assertion that Cornelius 
Gruber Was Mut Hat (1580-1650) was the earliest known ancestor of this particular family line.  No 
other family trees or research have thus far been uncovered which supports this hypothesis.  As 
the story has been told, Cornelius was a common lord/vassal within the feudal system in the area 
of Kassel, in Northern Hesse, Germany.  His subjects/peasants, or some other group, rebelled and 
forced him to flee.  There is no existing evidence to show that either Cornelius, or his son 
George settled in Lingen.  Documents from the Lingen Archive only show that his grandson Johann, 
and great grandson Philip Wasmuht were established there.  This will diserve future research.



I cannot overemphasize the incredible work by Per Arne "Pelle" Hällqvist in researching family 
history.  He has signficantly expanded Ragna's work to include extensive research into the Swedish 
lines.  Through time consuming and tedious research into the Swedish Church books, new branches 
are continously being added.  This is particularly true of Hjalmar's wife Amalia Josefina 
Söderstrom Lundin (1855-1946), his mother, Anna Brita "Nanna" Andersdotter (1825-1913), and his 
daughter-in-law Lydia Margareta "Margit" Lovisa Lundqvist (1890-1968). I am extremely happy to 
have exchanged and gained access to so much of his work from across the ocean.

Early Ancestors of Amalia have been especially interesting, some of whom commonly appear in 
genealogical trees, and can easily be found with a name search within the genealogical community.  
Ancestors of interest to Amalia are: Nils Larsson (1500-); Welam Claesson Benoni (1580-1676); Per 
Nilsson Västgote (1586-1688); Algot Oloffson (abt. 1514-), and his son Erland Algotsson (1538-
1628). Family trees of Welam and Per Nilson, for example, are numberous, as three of Welam's sons 
married three of Per Nilsson's daughters.

Early Ancestors of Anna Brita "Nanna" which are of interest for future research is the Ringbom 
family of Gotland.  There are many genealogists which share common ancestors with this family.  

** As a side note, Pelle has also researched ancestors for my grandmother, Marianne Elisabeth 
Carlsson Lorelius (1917-2009) on her paternal side.  Research through the Swedish church books on 
Marianne's maternal side have been done by her cousin Gustav Gunnar.  I should note that LIVING 
family members of Marianne's family can also find their ancestors on this website, and  I really 
hope and look forward to them visiting and exchanging information.  Again, I am especially 
interested in confirming information about living family members.

As is the case with Amalia, some ancestors of Marianne's mother Hilma Sophia Carlsson (1894-1972) 
are also profoundly interesting.  Ancestral families such as the Tolfs and the Shults "Sholls" 
intermarried often over several generations, and many genealogists today have confirmed their 
descendants through the church books. 


In the last couple of years, Pelle and I have made some fantastic discoveries into the family 
lines of Emanuel Wasmuht's second wife, Johanna Margareta Tiquet (1728-1800). She was the great 
granddaughter of Scipio Mijtens (1632-1688) and Elisabeth Grill (-1693) on her maternal side.  
Early family documents showed a relationship to the famous family of painters, the "Mijtens".  
However beyond Scipio, the exact relationship was not exactly clear, and for some time it was 
believed that Scipio Mijtens might be the son of Isaac Mijtens (one among four brothers and 3 
sisters: including Daniel, David and Abraham).  This was quickly corrected with the publication 
of "Jan Mijtens: Leben und Werk" by Alexandra Bauer in 2006, which included an in depth 
genealogical survey of the Mijtens family. Without doubt, we now know that Scipio was the son of 
Abraham Mijtens (-1670) and Sara Elsevier (1663-1648); and therefore Hjalmar Wasmouth's 4th 
great grandfather.  A number of other family trees have come to light which support this, 
including the old Adelvapens family page for the Mijtens.  
It should be noted that in the 1600's & 1700's, segments of influential families from the 
Netherlands migrated to Sweden.  Examples of these families included the "Peil Family" (Emanuel's 
first wife Johanna Peil), the "Grill Family" (Elisabeth's father Anthony Grill), and the "Mijtens 
Family" (Scipio and his cousins Dietrich and Martin).  Emanuel Wasmuht himself immigrated to 
Sweden a few years later in 1754 from the Dutch/German border town of Lingen.  He was the pastor 
of the Dutch Reformist Church in Stockholm, of which these families all belonged, and therefore 
had constant contact with them.  It is not surprising to know, therefore, that these 
families intermingled and intermarried often.  Emanuel's father-in-law, Isaac Tiquet (1690 - 
1693), who was a member of the Church Steering committee, also likely facilitated a relationship 
with these many families.

The discovery of Abraham Mijtens(I) and his wife Sara Elsevier(II) have profound implications for 
future research. This is especially true of Sara's mother Barbara Lopez de Haro (III).

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Family of Wasmouth, Johan Hjalmar
Note: for privacy reasons names of living persons are excluded.

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